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Evolving Creatures

This is a little program that you can run which will let you create little creatures. They evolve and eventually learn to walk and such. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to configure, but if you ask me, the thought of having a really awesome looking thing evolve makes up for it.

Here’s a video:

Here are instructions:

1) Unzip the .zip to any place on your hard drive.
2) Run go.bat (or creatures.exe in the bin folder – either way is fine)
3) A window will pop up for choosing graphics settings – choose & click OK
4) In the menu, go to “Evolution” and then “Open Evolution”
5) In the file dialog choose experiment_1.evolution and click OPEN
6) In the menu, go to “Evolution” and then “Go”
7) If speed is more important than image quality to you, press the MINUS
key on the numeric keypad (this will turn off a bunch of rendering
features like shadows and fog and so on – it runs faster that way)
8) Let it run for as long as you like (during the night, for example)
9) When you need the machine again, ESCAPE toggles you back to the menu..
10) Choose “Evolution” and then “Stop” (progress is saved automatically,
even if it actually crashes nothing will be lost)
11) The option to quit is under the “App” menu (or press Q)
12) To resume the experiment later on, just repeat steps 2 and onward.
It will simply continue where it left off.

So just do those steps and stuff, and wait, and you’ll maybe have something awesome.



And here‘s the homepage for the program.


2 Responses to “Evolving Creatures”

  1. 1 you have a broken link there

    2 it is very cool but I am not running it (specially for whole night, ha ha)… people hate to install and run stuff, you know. that’s why folks like me mess with flash instead 🙂

  2. Yeah, I mostly just thought it was interesting enough to post.

    Fixed the link.

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