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Trackmania DS + Physics game

Wow, reading some reviews online, and looking at the trailers and gameplay footage, this actually looks like it will almost be as good as the PC version. Let’s hope that they actually have online Wi-Fi…

Really though.. this is almost unreal, having such an incredible game on the DS.. the graphics look amazing, and like I said, the reviews it has so far are incredibly positive. I’m so happy, words can’t describe how awesome this is.

Hurrrrrrrrrrrr. That’s enough praising a game that isn’t going to be released for a month for me. 😀

Time for the physics game I promised in the post title.

It’s called Coconut Run. Basically you just build a cart with some wheels and hydraulics and stuff, and if you build it good enough you might be able to get the coconuts to the end of the level. It’s a pretty hard game actually, and even though it only has one level, It’s fairly entertaining for a while. Give it a shot if you think you have what it takes to transport coconuts. Perhaps if you do well enough, you could get a job as a coconut transporter for a coconut transporting company.’s the link..



One Response to “Trackmania DS + Physics game”

  1. I loved coco and all its mothers!!!!!!!!!!!

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