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Just a physics-based puzzle-ish type of game.

In it you control a chick who knocks boxes down with a revolver, shotgun, or bazooka!

It’s pretty fun for a while, but I always get stuck on one level. It kind of pisses me off..

Anyways, there are a few other things to tell you. first off, whenever you shoot, you lose a bunch of points. Usually you want to try to only use one or two bullets. If you bounce your bullets off of a wall before it hits the box, your score gets multiplied. More bounces, higher multiplyer. There is a trick you can use also with boxes you already knocked down, basically by pushing those boxes into boxes that are still red, you can knock them over. Also, the first shot is free, regardless of the gun you use. So a good strategy would be to start with the shotty or bazooka, and then if you have any left you can either push another box into it, or use the revolver.

Here’s a link to the download page: >>DOWNLOAD<<


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