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Obsidian Conflict/Synergy


This is a great mod for HL2, and good news is that you only really have to have HL2 to play it. Having ep1 and 2 will let you play those multiplayer, but besides that they only give you textures which will make the game less buggy, but aren’t really necessary.

Basically this game is a co-op mod for HL2, similar to synergy (which I’ll be talking about in a second), but with a lot of the npcs from HL1, and with custom weapons and maps.

Also, once you beat a level, there is a little lobby-style map you can go to where you can relax for a second and select which map you’d like to play next. For whatever reason I absolutely love that.

The only real downside to this mod is that not very many people play it.



This is actually pretty similar to OC, and is more popular. It doesn’t feel the same to me though..

I actually haven’t played it much, mostly because I’m used to OC. I’ll be sure to try it out more and decide for certain why I don’t like it as much as OC.



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