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No idea why I’ve not posted this earlier. Actually, there’s not much point. I’m sure pretty much everybody reading this knows all about it.

So I guess this post will have to go more in-depth than most descriptions.

First of all, if you don’t have any idea what Garrysmod is, I’ll provide a video for you.

This was made out of props from HL2, and some tools. Nothing else. It was created completely in-game.

Firstly, you have a spawn menu (q) which you use to spawn props on the playing field. You then proceed to use the physics gun, a sort of blue gravity gun that can move props around easily, to freeze the prop in whatever position you need it (or not, if you don’t need to freeze it). You can then spawn another prop, place it next to the first prop, and do whatever you want with it using the tools.

There are quite a few tools, I’ll just go over the basics..

The weld tool does just what it says, welds two props together. They don’t have to be touching, and just one click anywhere on both props will permanently weld them together (unless, of course, you undo it).

The nocollide tool does, again, pretty much exactly what you’d think. It keeps props from colliding with eachother. Useful if you need a door to go through the ceiling or wall, or if the legs of your death-bot have been spazzing out from the collisions with other props.

The thruster tool is extremely useful. Basically, you set a power, and a button to press, click anywhere on a prop where you want it to be pushed, and then press that button you selected. This is the tool to use if you want to see a flying ragdoll flail it’s limbs around in the air, or if you want your death-bot to move on it’s own.

The Wheel tool is just to create a wheel on something. Again, you can set a power and button to press (to make it spin), and you can also press ‘e’ on it to change the direction of spin. Useful for making cars, and for other more advanced things. (I’ve attached props to the edge of wheels using motors [without any power], used ‘keep upright’ on them, and then spun the wheels around, thus creating spider-like legs.)

There are also extra gamemodes besides sandbox (the build gamemode). Some of them are common, for example, you’ll see quite a few servers running “darkRP” (which i hate, so i’m not going to go into that) and some running “spacebuild” (which is awesome, but a bit more advanced). Other times you will see servers running a gamemode you’ve never seen before. For example, I found a great server that runs a gamemode called “deathrun”, in which one team must dodge traps that the other team sets off, and if they succeed in dodging all of them, they must kill all of the other team, who are only armed with crowbars (deathrun is actually popular in CS:S, someone just decided to create a server for Gmod).

I guess that’s about all (at least, for this post). I may make another post about Gmod if I can think of enough to write, and most likely if I can it will be pretty soon.


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