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farcry 2 map editor

Have you seen the Farcry 2 map editor video yet? It looks fucking awesome.

And if you hate the youtube quality…


I’m sure i’d spend hours finding creative things to do with the editor, I’ve thought up numerous types of maps for Garrysmod and HL2DM. (Which I never really release because my skill with the editor could be better.) Anyways, I don’t think the video really tells you much about the editor, besides the fact that it has a lot of shit, and that you can use that shit to build more shit. However, I did hear that the computer version of the level editor will be a lot more like hammer (the editor i use to make the Gmod/HL2DM maps).

Also, TF2 got a major update if you didn’t already hear. It contains some unlockables for the heavy, a new gamemode, and a couple of new maps (cp_steel and pl_badwater, along with the new maps for the arena gamemode).

Finally, even though it’s been talked about a little TOO much.. the sandvich..


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