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Beyond Good and Evil

It’s an old game that didn’t really get much attention, but it’s extremely awesome. It’s on steam now too. this game is fucking win.

So in this game you have to expose a government conspiracy and put it to an end, by taking pictures of things and presenting them to the public. I had a hell of a lot of fun playing this game when I did, and it is one of my favorite games i’ve ever played. I can’t really even express why, I just loved pretty much everything about it. The story is awesome, the boss fights are really fun, and I think I just might buy the steam version just so that I can play it again. If you have the nine dollars needed (and again, steam), you should really give this game a chance. (note that I have not tried the PC version, so I don’t know if the controls are up to snuff.)

>>>BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL (and steam)<<<


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