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TM Nations forever

Look! TM Nations is on steam now!

It got an update, and it has a bunch of new pieces to make tracks with. The video shows one of my favorite additions. It also has more players, most of them are new, but that’s ok. And it’s still completely free!

If you made an account with the old TM Nations, there’s no need to worry, the game will recognize your account if you remember the password and everything. The new editor is a bit confusing (there are separate pieces for the railing and actual track, so you have to find the right one. A bit difficult if you want the track to ramp up in certain ways) but there is an option to go to a less complicated editor if you can’t keep up with all of the new pieces. I don’t think anything else was really modified, (I had a feeling that maybe the car turned faster than I remember, but I don’t know if that’s true or not) but it’s still enough that you should really get the update. And don’t forget that you have to have steam!

>>>TM Nations Forever<<<


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