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I’m excited about the game, it’s out tomorrow, and i’m probably going to get it tomorrow if possible.

Here’s a lengthy review (11 minutes long) that I found, which features some nice gameplay footage.

I’m really happy about multiplayer. That’s always been my favorite thing about games, and one of the reasons why i’m so addicted to computer games (which are the easiest to play with friends and which make it easier to chat at any given time). I’m near certain the idea of going anywhere you’d like in GTA 4’s multiplayer could make it really interesting, I like the idea of hunting down a player as he tries to run away.. It also says there are multiple gamemodes, and if i remember correctly, coop. I usually love coop, but i’m not quite sure if it would be any more fun than just a free for all deathmatch in this case.. Just something about having to fend off everyone else at once in that huge environment makes me feel like Jason Bourne. Anyways, i’m already pretty sure that my favorite things in that game are going to be multiplayer, running around in circles, getting hit by cars (to watch my ragdoll body), and just pushing people over, because watching people fall down is funny.


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