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What a large download! Is it worth the 30 20 dollars and long download, you may be asking?

Probably, if you give (at least) a shit about First Person Shooters. And life, for that matter.

Here goes. TF2 is another great game from Valve, With a cartoonish art-style, and wacky classes with different hilarious taunts, Valve has made beating your opponent to death with a baseball bat comical again.

So anyways, TF2 is a great online game. It stimulates REAL teamwork, even (sometimes) with the annoying 10 year old gamers. Yes it’s a large download, yes it’s 30 20 freakin’ dollars, and yes you have to have a steam account. But all that doesn’t matter as long as you’re bored and don’t have anything else to do, and have 30 20$. This game will most likely entertain you for a while, Hell, maybe even years! I play this game whenever i get a chance with my friends, and I have fun.

>>>>>>GET TF2 (and steam)!<<<<<<

By the way, If anybody wants to add me as a friend on steam, just add ‘nova_prime’.


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