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This is another download, and it’s not as good as toribash or anything, but it’s actually surprisingly fun for how simple it is.

In mtp target, you play as a penguin. You go down a ramp, and then fly around some, until you land on a platform with a number on it. That number is the amount of points you get, and there are usually three platforms, one hard to land on but with more points, one easy to land on but with less, and one inbetween. Really that’s about it. There are some other gamemodes too, for example, team matches are common. There is also a mode where you can still move even after landing, which has been used in a couple of maps to create a sort of race gamemode. This game is only played online, but that’s not too much of a bad thing. You have to start out on a couple of practice servers, but after getting 1000 points (not very hard at all), you can move on to others with much more variety in the maps.


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