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Line Rider

Sorry ’bout the lack of posts, don’t worry, i’ve not abandoned the blog.

Line Rider. Ok, so, everybody’s heard of this game. Pretty much everbody. But it’s still fun, and i’m out of ideas.

So in this game you create levels for a little boy on a sled to ride. You cannot control the sled man at all, you have to create the track so that the sled man can follow it without hurting himself. The little sled man has a few different types of line he can come across, including scenery (which he won’t be able to collide with), boost-lines (for INCREASED SPEED), and just the plain old regular line. you can design some pretty insane levels, I’ve created some that are *supposed* to be on mars. Mostly it just looks like an 8 year old boy’s attempt at drawing a martian landscape though.. Anyways, this game is certainly worth a try if you’ve not already played it, and even if you have, most likely you’ve not in a while. So start doing some stuff!

>>>>>>>>>>LINK TO THE GAME<<<<<<<<<<<


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  1. Sick Ass Shirt Bro!!!

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