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MUARGH! another large download, and another monday skipped.. I was hoping I could post another browser game before running completely out.

Anyways, this game is toribash.

hurrah! Look at all that for another few seconds!

Toribash is quite an interesting concept. You play as one of those ragdolls in the picture, (you can customize your char though, you don’t neccesarily have to be red or blue) and you move certain parts of your body around, in hopes of landing a blow against your opponent. It’s a bit complicated, but once you get used to moving the limbs around, It can be quite fun. The matches are played in segments, after maybe half a second, you are able to decide if you want to change where any of your limbs move, or if you want to grab the other player or not. The game is online, in fact, that’s pretty much all you can do. You could train, but the opponent doesn’t move or anything. And I suppose you could play against a friend, but your friend would most likely be no challenge at all for you to utterly destroy. If you really want to play against another person, you’ll probably have to go online to do it. Another great game.

EDIT: Just realised after more than half a year, I completely forgot the link to the site. >>TORIBASH<<

Anyways, this old post has been getting a bunch of views recently because of a cool sub-forum on the Toribash community forums. It apparently finds posts with the word ‘Toribash’ mentioned, and posts them there, where people can click the link to the site that mentions it. This is a really cool idea, actually. More forums should do this.


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