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Now, this is some awesome stuff. I don’t even know if i have to say any more..

Youtube video

But, just because I can, I will.

Sumotori dreams is only 96 kb. I know, you’re probably saying “WTF OMG 96 KB LOL NO WAI UR CRAZY LOLOLO”

Maybe I am, but I assure you, this game is 96 kb

And it certainly is a pretty fun game for it’s size, even though it’s a bitch to control.

After you throw a block at single, or multiplayer mode (which is much more fun, by the way), all you have to do is press down to start the match, use the up arrow key to move forward, backspace to push with one hand, and enter to push with both. There’s also a secret mode, if you throw a block at the right corner of the arena in the background so that it- well, here’s a picture:

If you do that right you get to start pelting the enemy with blocks. The physics are awesome, and although it gets boring after a while, It’s hilarious to just watch those drunk toddlers that they call sumo wrestlers fight.



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