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Cortex Command

I hope I’ve actually found something new, possibly!

Cortex command is pretty much made of win. It’s incredible.. Ok, firstly, the graphics:



Ok, but really, the game is very original. First off, you start out building your base.. then once you’re done with that, you select some people from a menu and drop them off on a planet, take control of one using your brain, (the thing you’re supposed to protect) and use your soldiers to destroy the enemy’s brain. there are a helluva lot of mods out there, most of which you can find here. And ok, fine, i’ll admit.. it’s.. not free… But there are less shiny test builds that you CAN get for free! If you’re out of money, no worries! just look in the dev log and go to the previous page! Trust me on this, if you have a little patience to get used to the controls, you could find yourself getting addicted in no time.



3 Responses to “Cortex Command”

  1. Great post, man. You’re right. It’s a fantastic game. Well worth the little they’re asking for it, especially with the new build!

    It’s got some souped up AI these days, not to mention some great weapon arrays, plus options to group your AI soldiers together for squad assaults.

    Check it out, if you haven’t already!


  2. Yeah, I’m a regular poster on the F-M forum, and since Cortex Command is a stickied thread at the top of the page, I’m pretty much guaranteed to know if a new build for the game is out. I’ve been devoting most of my time to TF2 recently, so I haven’t been playing CC much, but I do know about all of the exciting new features and improvements.

    I’m really excited about build 22, I haven’t actually played it yet. 😀

  3. how much do you have to pay?

    i have only got a small netbook laptop,can i still play it?

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