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babo violent

Aight, most of you have PROBABLY never heard of this one. ‘Tis called babo violent, and you play, and shoot, multicolored balls with guns and stuff. It’s exclusively multiplayer online, and

despite how unpopular it sounds, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a game. There are some different types of weapons.. machine gun, rail gun, flamethrower, etc… and there are three different special weapons. shield, pop-up knives, and nuke. Lets start with the weapons. personally i’m good with the laser, or railgun, or whatever you may call it, because i’m good at timing. If you aren’t, but you’re good at aiming, you might like the machine gun more.. anyways, the idea is that you get guns, and can decide which one to specialize in. The little special weapons are pretty fun, pop-up knives are an instant kill if your enemy is really close, and the shield is.. well, a shield. The nuke will kill anyone in a certain radius around you after about 5 seconds from when you press the button. The maps are pretty simple, they only consist of blocks and a couple of powerups.. but there is a level editor. Overall, the fact that the game is free makes it a worthy download. So yeah, get it!.



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