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Cave Story

Yeah, another game that everybody’s heard of.

Cave story is a japanese game, but there’s an english patch for it. You start out in a little cave.. and go from there into an 8-bit adventure of fun. All done by one man, too!

In the game, you play as the little guy shooting the monster on the left, and work your way through caves, figuring out who the hell you are, and what the hell those bunny-like creatures are.

There IS a plot, and not just a mario- style one, it’s really very dramatic.

It is called cave STORY after all.

So yeah, you meet some people that are essential to the plot.. a couple die, you follow the story, and end up doing something epic. And no, it’s a secret. Play the game.

by the way, it’s a pretty big download (for this blog).

Download site! (get the english patch too!)


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